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Origins of Mollett Name

This interesting name with variant spellings Mollette, Mollett, Mollet and Mollitt is a diminutive form of "Moll", itself a diminutive of the female personal name "Mary", usually taken to mean "wished-for-child", or "rebellion", from the earliest Hebrew versions of the name, "Marah" and "Miryam". As a christian name Mary was not much found in western Europe until after 1100, when the Crusaders brought it back from the East.

Harold Interviewing Arnold

This is an MP3 of Harold interviewing Arnold on 4 February 2003 (5.5 MB). Primarily, they are discussing family history, but there's some other stuff in there, too. The file that Uncle Arnold references that I provided to Kathy is located here.

Some Genealogy

This was sent to me (Vic) years ago by a gentleman named Bob whose wife was Mollett. I do not guarantee its accuracy.

House Burns

I (Shirley) talked to Kathy this morning around 6:30 a.m. She called to tell me that Grannie and Pop Pop's house burned down last night (early morning Wednesday, 19 December 2007). (Pictures are available here). Kathy is at Uncle Arnold's and she said that Kay Ward called her around 2:30 a.m. last night to tell Uncle Arnold that the house was on fire. Kay said that she and Hody heard a big "boom" and then the house went up in flames. Kay said the the fire department had already called in the arson investigator.

Kizzie's Pig

Arnold and Nell lived in Beauty with 2 year old Arnold Bennett and Nell’s mother, Kizzie Triplett. Every spring Kizzie would buy small pig to raise so it could be butchered in the fall. At 4:30 one morning, on his way to work, the man she bought the pig from brought it to her!

Reba's Visit with Arnold and Nell

One day 10 year old Reba was visiting with Arnold and Nell. Nell’s teen aged brother, Troy, was also there. Troy was sitting in a chair with a ball bat in his hand. Reba would run past him and he would swing the bat at her to make her giggle. Suddenly the bat slipped out of his hand and broke a light. Soon after that a man delivered a new record player. Reba asked him if he was going to leave it there. The man said yes. Reba informed him that wasn’t a good idea because “that boy over there will break it with his ball bat”.

Harold's Visit with Arnold and Nell

Arnold and Nell got married when Harold was 3 years old. Harold loved staying with them and would visit as often as his mother (Nora) would let him. One day he was visiting with them and it had been raining. He would run out the door and play in the nearest mud puddle. Arnold would go get him and clean him up but as soon as he turned his back Harold was out the door playing in the mud again. This went on several times until Arnold got mad enough to threaten to take him home if he did it again!

D-Day for Arnold

D-Day, June 6, 1944, shortly after midnight, somewhere in England...

So Many Spellings

Have you ever noticed that there are so many spellings for Mollett?

Elias' Mother

Grandma Mollett, Elias' (or Pop Pop as the grandchildren called him) mother, was a Booth before marrying our great grandfather, James Fred Mollett. They were second cousins. Grandma's mother was a Mollett. She is the connection to John Wilkes Booth. Her dad and John Wilkes were cousins but I don't know how close the cousin connection was. I have heard that they were second cousins but I don't know for sure.

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