Some Genealogy

This was sent to me (Vic) years ago by a gentleman named Bob whose wife was Mollett. I do not guarantee its accuracy.

The Mollett Family of Eastern Kentucky was founded by Noah Mollett. It has been reported that he was sent to America by England to fight in the Revolutionary War. Some researchers believe that he was originally from France through Ireland. He didn't feel that the Colonists were being treated fairly and switched sides. At the end of the war he was given a land grant in what is now Montgomery County, Virginia. Noah was appointed to constable on June 8, 1803 and again in June 1805.

  1. Mollett, Noah
    1. Sarah Barker
      1. Elias (b. 1785 Va.)
    2. Noah married Nancy
      1. John R. "Big Eye" (b. Va.)
      2. Nathan R. (b. 1786 Va., d. Nov. 16, 1852)
      3. Rebecca (?)

All three sons moved to Floyd County, Kentucky. John R. was a pioneer on Greasy Creek near Boones Camp and Nathan was an early settler on Rockcastle Creek near Tomahawk. These creeks are about four miles apart, with Rockcastle now in Martin County and Greasy Creek now in Johnson County. Elias came to Eastern Kentucky a little later, around 1820. Many descendants of the three brothers still live in this mountain area along the county line between Johnson and Martin Counties.

Nathan R. came to Kentucky around 1810, from Pearisburg, Virginia, probably with the Stafford family. He may have been married to Thasamine Stafford when he came to the Big Sandy or he married her shortly after. Nathan seems to be an educated man as there are many records where he did surveying for the county. He also served as a Magistrate. Nathan had an old indian friend that told him of a silver mine where he had mined lots of silver. He had covered the entrance of the mine with a large rock. The indian agreed to show Nathan where the mine was. On the way to the mine, the indian took sick and Nathan did everything he could bu the indian still died. Scars can still be found on rocks in the area where Nathan, his sons, and grandsons looked for the mine. Nathan died November 16, 1852 of typhoid fever.

  1. Mollett, Nathan (b. 1786, d. Nov. 16, 1852)
    1. Thesamine Stafford (b. May 1, 1793)
      1. Elizabeth (b. 1810)
      2. David (b. 1812)
      3. James "Bay" (b. 1814)
      4. Abaigal (b. 1814, d. 1888)
      5. Hiram (b. 1817, Minister)
    2. Ruth Ann Dixon (married Nathan Aug. 28, 1821)
      1. Nancy J. (b. 1823, d. 1915)

Hiram Mollett was a minister in the Big Sandy Valley and is on record for performing many marriages in the area, especially amongst the Wards and Molletts that often married each other.

James "Bay" Mollett was born in Kentucky in 1814. James was a noted hunter. He could read and write and did some work as a surveyor. Records in Floyd County show that he was a top collector of bounty on wild animals. James' first marriage was to Margaret "Peggy" Blevins who may have been the daughter of Levi (b. 1789) and Mary (b. 1781).

  1. Mollett, James "Bay"
    1. Margaret "Peggy" Blevins (b. 1815?)
      1. Nathan R. (b. 1836)
      2. Levi (b. 1838)
      3. Mary Jane (b. 1841, d. June 15, 1859)
      4. Elias B. (b. 1842)
      5. Sarah (b. 1844)
      6. Sally (b. 1844)
      7. Riley James (b. 1850)
      8. Shadrack (b. 1853)
      9. Stephen (b. Feb. 10, 1855, d. Feb. 10, 1855)
      10. Emeritti (b. 1857)
    2. James married Pheoba Jane
      1. Mariah (b. 1869)
      2. Liddie (b. 1872)
      3. Cecia
      4. Tamsy
      5. Ralph "Rafe" Stafford (b.1875)
      6. Lucuatia (b. 1876)