Things written by family members

My Little Girl

I have a little girl,
Jeannie is her name.
She hasn’t any curl,
But I love her just the same.

Here's to Bob

Here’s to Bobby
So bright and so fair,
To me he is dear,
There’s none to compare.

May Reflections

May is the month we see flowers bloom,
From rains that fell to earth the month before.
The days get longer and the sun gets hotter,
So we look forward to each day more and more.

The Golden Autumn

God's handiwork in bold relief
Is splashed upon each golden leaf.
Red, yellow, purple, brown
Each comes softly floating down.
God's handiwork in bright array
The gorgeous leaves are on display.

- Nell Mollette, October 1985


The wind and I went sailing
on the lake so deep and blue.
The glowing sun wanted to know
could he go sailing too.

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