OK, this is a silly place to put this, but I have a really nasty long link that I need to send to someone. I am pondering riding this route on my bicycle. If you're interested, let me know! The reason that I'm posting it here is so that maybe I can persuade some others to ride

  1. Here's the route courtesy of Google Maps.
  2. Here's another route that is a little closer to that magical number (also courtesy of Google Maps). This option takes out most of the hills around Fort Boonesboro.
  3. Here's a slight modification to route option 2 (still courtesy of Google Maps)
  4. Here's a modification to option 3 that takes out 460 between Paris and Georgetown. 460 has a lot of big truck traffic and may not be the best option for cycling. 33 between Versailles and Wilmore is quite hilly!