Kizzie's Pig

Arnold and Nell lived in Beauty with 2 year old Arnold Bennett and Nell’s mother, Kizzie Triplett. Every spring Kizzie would buy small pig to raise so it could be butchered in the fall. At 4:30 one morning, on his way to work, the man she bought the pig from brought it to her! Nell went to the door and he handed her the squealing pig in a burlap sack. She took it in the bedroom and asked Arnold to take it to the pig pen, about a mile away. He refused to get out of bed so she asked him what she was supposed to do with it. His answer was "Just anything you want to" so she dumped it in the bed with him. That got him up! The pig jumped off the bed and was running around the room. Nell quickly shut the door so it wouldn’t escape to other parts of the house. Arnold Bennett was in his baby bed in their room and of course he woke up. Arnold chased the pig all around the room. The pig would run under the bed and he would crawl under there to get it but it would run out the other side. He would catch the pig but it was slippery enough to pop right out of his hands. Arnold Bennett was jumping up and down with delight. He loved this game! Kizzie was awakened by the noise and came to find out what was going on but Arnold yelled for her not to open the "stupid door" or the pig would escape. This went on for 30 minutes or more until he finally caught the pig and got it back in the sack. Arnold Bennett was yelling "Do it again, Daddy, do it again!" Angry and frustrated, Arnold took the squealing little pig to the pig pen!