Elias' Mother

Grandma Mollett, Elias' (or Pop Pop as the grandchildren called him) mother, was a Booth before marrying our great grandfather, James Fred Mollett. They were second cousins. Grandma's mother was a Mollett. She is the connection to John Wilkes Booth. Her dad and John Wilkes were cousins but I don't know how close the cousin connection was. I have heard that they were second cousins but I don't know for sure.

Daddy (Arnold) loved her beyond almost anyone else except his own mother. After Daddy started getting a new sibling every year or two he stayed with Grandma more than he did at home. During Daddy's growing up years Grandma lived in Warfield for a while and then moved to Louisa. Eventually she moved back to Warfield. He stayed with her as much when she lived in Louisa as when she lived in Warfield.

When Mommy (Nell, Arnold's wife) was in school at Morehead, Pop Pop's sister Essie was also going to school there so Grandma moved to Morehead and got a house so Mommy and Essie would have a place to live.

Years later, when Pop Pop died (1960) she was too sick and feeble to attend the funeral so the funeral home people (from Inez, there wasn't a funeral home in Warfield then) let her know when they were going to be bringing his body to the house (that's where the visitation was held) so she was sitting on her porch and they drove past her house so she could pay her last respects to her only son.

She lived on Dempsey Farm (going through Warfield instead of taking the big curve toward Beauty if you go straight she lived in the 3rd or 4th house down), and is now buried in a cemetary down that way. The house isn't there anymore. After Grandma died in 1963, Effie continued to live there until her passing a few years later. Afterwards, the property was purchased and the house torn down.

I've heard stories about when Pop Pop would be out somewhere drinking someone would go get Grandma and she would go try to get him to go home. If he didn't peacefully leave with her she would sit down and refuse to leave too. It wouldn't be long before he would leave. I guess he was embarrassed to be a grown, married man with children, sitting in a tavern with his mother!

-Kathy Ditty