Future Reunions

We regret that we have no plans to organize future reunions. If you would like to organize the reunion, please let us know...

Mollette Bridge

West Virginia had dedicated a bridge in memory of Arnold and Nell Mollette!
Senators Chafin, Fanning, Stollings and Yost offered the following resolution:

Senate Concurrent Resolution No. 63--Requesting the Division of Highways to name bridge number 30-6-0.52, in Mingo County, the "Reverend Arnold and Nell Mollette Memorial Bridge".
Whereas, The Reverend Arnold Mollette served the Lord for more than 55 years as pastor of the Red Jacket Community Church in Red Jacket, West Virginia; and

Harold Interviewing Arnold

This is an MP3 of Harold interviewing Arnold on 4 February 2003 (5.5 MB). Primarily, they are discussing family history, but there's some other stuff in there, too. The file that Uncle Arnold references that I provided to Kathy is located here.

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