Family Reunion

I want to apologize for not having the reunion this year but after talking to several family members who said they weren't going to be able to attend it seems like the best idea is to give it a break for awhile. Hopefully this doesn't mean we aren't going to have reunions in the future. It has been good for us to unite as the family of Bud and Nora..... to keep their memories alive and to stay close as a family. We have shared so much through the years..... good and bad, happy and sad..... welcoming new members into the family and losing our loved ones. When we first started having these reunions 8 children of Bud and Nora were there. Now they are all gone but Uncle Johnny. It has been sad to attend each year knowing that someone else wasn't going to be there. But for their memories and for our family history we need to make the effort to have a family gathering. Maybe we should have the reunion every 3 or 5 years instead of every year. I welcome your input into this and I will be glad to organize another reunion any time we feel the need to come together again for a day of laughter and love and sharing old memories. God Bless each of you.