So Many Spellings

Have you ever noticed that there are so many spellings for Mollett? There is a reason for that. When our great grandfather died Grandma, Effie, and Essie received pension checks and the checks were made out to Louisa Mullett. She told them that she didn't spell her name that way but keeping in mind that this was in the 1920s it was easier for her to spell her name the way it was written on the checks than to try to get it changed. So she became Louisa Mullett. When Daddy (Arnold) was 19, he took a job working on creating the road that goes through Beauty across Big Elk Mountain. His boss was Joe Mollette. When Daddy got his first paycheck his name was spelled Arnold Mollette. He told his boss that he didn't spell his name that way and the reply was, "You do now." And he has spelled it with an 'e' ever since.

- Kathy Ditty