May Reflections

May is the month we see flowers bloom,
From rains that fell to earth the month before.
The days get longer and the sun gets hotter,
So we look forward to each day more and more.

The first holiday weekend that kicks summer off,
Is always the one that seems best.
There’s gardening, picnics, yard work and trips,
It’s just not a good weekend to rest.

But Memorial Day, should mean something more,
Than seeing how much work we can get done.
It’s a time when we should, reflect on the lives,
That fought so hard for our freedom and won.

Some made it back to the lives that they fought for,
For some the ultimate sacrifice was made.
The blood of so many, mingled in foreign soil,
Never knowing they’ve been honored in parades.

Brave men and women serving God and our country,
So our flag can be seen with such pride.
We’re allowed to have goals and dreams we can strive for,
And worship freely without having to hide.

- Jean Savage © 2007